Boom Operators

We record dialogues and on set sounds.

Sound Design

We are specialized in creating sound effects for any type of animation, logo, short film, feature film, TV commercial or multimedia installation.

Music Composition

We create original musical compositions and covers for feature films, short films, documentaries, television spots and architectural environments.

3D Audio

We are specialized in production and adaptation of 3D audio for applications in film fields, virtual and augmented reality, multimedia installations and sound environments.


We get your product ready for the market with the best quality audio.

Sound Creators Company

Chromatic Sound Lab takes care of the audio and music production for the image, from direct capture to post-production, in order to guarantee a better quality and more coherence in the final product.


Fabrizio Savio

Born near Como in 1991, from an early age he became passionate about music, starting to play piano and saxophone. In 2016 he graduated in "Electronic Music and New Sound Technologies" at the "G.Verdi" Conservatory of Como. After a few months he founded the electronic-experimental record label "Pitch the Noise records" which has the intent to publish and promote different genres of electronic music, mainly ambient, techno and experimental electronics. Since 2015 he has published five publications with different musical projects, and in February 2017 he published "Iride" under the pseudonym VOSM for Pitch the Noise records.

Sergio Missaglia

He was born in Como in 1993. After completing drums and piano studies, he attended the Electronic Music course at the "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatory of Como, first under the guidance of M. Sylviane Sapir and then M. Marinoni with whom , in March 2016, he graduated with honors with a thesis entitled "Binari Erranti.Iperfilm: Cinema perspectives in the age of interactive multi-media". His works have been broadcast on the radio and television of Italian Switzerland and on the occasion of international festivals and events such as "Europe in verse", Expo 2015 and "La Via Lattea". In addition to compositional practice, he also performs an activity of performing pieces of the electroacoustic and acusmatic repertoire, both on the Ottophonic systems at the Como Conservatory and on the AUDIOR Acousmonium.